Step 1: Select an Area using the map.

Click on the box icon on the left of the map to draw a box and select data. Circles with numbers represent clustered data, the blue boxes that appear when show the area that contains data. Click on the circles with numbers to zoom in on the area.

Step 2: Choose projects.

Select projects using the drop-down menu below and then click the "Add selected data" button. You may only select one project at a time.

To select a sub-project, first choose a project and then select a sub-project. Repeat to add another sub-project.
Step 3: Choose Species

Choose species from the menu and then click the "Add selected species" button. You can view occupancies for only one selected species.

Species names are Scientific name/Common Name (# detections in map box)
Step 4: Select a Clumping Interval

This will be the number of days you group into a "clump".

Step 5: Run Occupancies