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Here we have curricula developed by educators from North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, and DC. Each curriculum is specific to their standards in the grade-level classes that deal with ecology, wildlife, habitat and adaptations. We currently provide middle and high school curricula. For all ages, we have videos explaining basic ecology and science concepts and how to use eMammal as an educational tool. If you have developed your own curriculum for using eMammal data and would be willing to share your work, then please contact eMammal staff about listing your materials at this site. 

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Primary School

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Middle Schoolers in Hallway

Middle School

National and generic resources

Map of Viriginia

Virginia Hover for more info.

All lessons require the following:
Lesson 1: The Science of Camera Trapping
Camera Trapped Fox!
Lesson 2: Outfoxed? Fox Adaptation and Niches
Lesson 3: Activity Patterns

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Florida map

Florida Hover for more info.

All lessons require the following:

Lesson 1: Analyze Camera Trap Images
Lesson 2: Explore the Okaloosa Habitats
Camera Trap Bobcat
Lesson 3: Predict Species Abundance
Lesson 4: Observe and Collect Data
Lesson 5: Visualize and Analyze Data

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Camera Trapped Coyote!

High Schoolers in Classroom

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