eMammal Academy

About eMammal Academy

We consider the wildlife images and data associated with eMammal to be a powerful tool for conveying science to the general public and to youth. eMammal Academy is a compilation of tools and lesson plans we have developed to train our volunteers and staff and to convey science through exploration of the eMammal data. We have organized the information along two lines: Training materials for those deploying cameras, setting up projects, and using our eMammal desktop application; and Curriculum for teachers and educators wanting to use eMammal in the classroom or as part of a science ecology lesson. The lesson plans are usually specific for states and grades, but are readily adaptable to specific learning objective.


We provide "How-to" videos on camera settings, camera placement and entering images through the desktop application. Each of the tasks also have documents that explain the same process with screen-saves and text. Some tasks and protocols are specific for Smithsonian and partner institutions so please review the videos and text before assigning to volunteers in your project. If you are a contributing institution we can add your specific training materials to this site.

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We have worked with educators in North Carolina, Florida, Virginia and DC to develop curriculum specific to their standards in the grades that deal with ecology, wildlife, habitat and adaptations. There are additional curriculum for graphing and analysis of data that are specific to middle and high school grades. The site also contains videos explaining basic ecology and science concepts and how to use eMammal as an educational tool. If you have developed your own curriculum for using eMammal data and would be willing to share your work, then please contact eMammal staff about listing the materials at this site.

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