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Package iconNC MS Science Lesson: Camera Trap Stakeout Hover for more info.

All VA lessons require the following:

VA MS Science Lessons

  1. Package icon Lesson_1_-_Science_of_Camera_Traps.zip
  2. Package icon Lesson_2_-_Fox_Adaptation_Niches.zip
  3. Package icon Lesson_3_-_activity_patterns.zip

VA HS Science Lessons

  1. Package icon Lesson_4_-_life_in_the_city.zip
  2. Package icon Lesson_5_-_Capturing Ecological Patterns - Scientific Inquiry.zip

Go to science-live.org for more!

Package iconFL MS Science Lessons Hover for more info.

  1. Analyze Camera Trap Images
  2. Explore the Okaloosa Habitats
  3. Predict Species Abundance
  4. Observe and Collect Data
  5. Visualize and Analyze Data

Package iconFL HS Science Lessons Hover for more info.
  1. Science! Camera Trap Images
  2. Species Patterns and Relationships
  3. How Does Habitat Affect Species Patterns?
  4. Evaluate Claims About Species Patterns!
  5. Species Patterns (Cont)
  6. Assess Human-Environment Interactions
    Package iconThe Role of Fire Hover for more info.

    By SkyTruth and Christian Thomas


    A grinning bobcat from a camera trap in VA.