We are online!

The first eMammal project in Australia is now up and running!  This project represents a collaboration between three indigenous ranger programs with support from WWF Australia, in the Western Kimberley region which is part of the state of Western Australia.  The three ranger groups came together back in June 2017 and over a period of 3 days put out over 50 camera traps across a large portion of area that includes the traditional lands of the Yawuru, Karajarri, Nyikina and Mangala peoples. Our goal was to look for the elusive, rare spectacled hare-wallaby and find it we did! But we also found many more amazing animals unique to the monsoonal tropics of northern Australia.

Now with the data uploaded to eMammal we are ready for the next stage. In a few weeks, the rangers groups will come together again to learn about the eMammal platform and to participate in the identification of animals on the camera traps that they put in the field. This is part of our goal of taking the rangers through each of the steps involved in doing science from beginning to end; from the fieldwork to the data management and eventually to data analysis and hopefully presentation of our results locally and beyond.

So stay tuned for some exciting results and keep an eye out for some iconic (and perhaps bizarre) Aussie animals!