Critter Camera Sliver Award Project

We decided to do the Critter Camera project for our Silver Award for Girl Scouts. To get started on the Critter Camera project you will need to contact someone from Triangle Land Conservancy. After you do this, you will have to complete an online training including information about the camera details, eMammal, and how to complete the Critter Camera Project. The camera used for this project is motion sensored, so it takes pictures when it detects movement. Once you have completed the training, you will need to talk to Triangle Land Conservancy about how to get a camera, and figure out a date to put the camera in place. When the date arrives, you will use what you learned from the training to put the camera in place and get it set up to take the pictures. After doing this, you will have to wait approximately three weeks until you can retrieve the camera. During this time, the camera will take pictures of the wildlife, but there will probably be at least a couple of pictures with nothing in them because the animal was too fast to get caught in a picture, it wasn’t an animal that triggered the sensor, or some other reason. When you go to retrieve the camera, you will need to turn it off. Once the camera is recovered, you will need to go through a couple of steps to get the photos ready (which you can find in the training manual or ask whoever is helping you from Triangle Land Conservancy about) and then upload them to eMammal. If you choose not to repeat the process, you will return the camera to Triangle Land Conservancy. This will conclude your Critter Camera Project! Our results had some interesting animals in them, including a fox, a deer, a bunny, and a couple of squirrels.    ~Clara, Katie and Meridy