Black Rock Forest Carnivore Survey

We are surveying the local carnivore community to understand species presence and distribution, with the goal of guiding connectivity and other conservation strategies.

Black Rock Forest is a conservation, science, and education not-for-profit organization ( One of our missions is to provide the science and data behind our own conservation action decisions and those of our neighbors. This project uses camera traps to survey the carnivore community in the Forest and its adjacent areas. Our goal is to use these data to guide follow-up live trapping efforts targeting fishers (Pekania pennanti) and bobcats (Lynx rufus) in addition to a more robust understanding of our local carnivore community. Our cameras (Reconyx HyperFire 2) are winter-run, baited, lured, and re-visited approximately every 3 weeks.

Project Caveats: We did not measure camera trap detection radii. Our cameras are baited (white-tailed deer meat and bones) and lured specifically to attract fishers and other carnivores. All of our camera traps are off trail, but within 20 to 200 meters to a hiking trail or forest access road. The trails are used by Forest vehicles, hikers, and bicyclists. Cameras are mounted ~50-80cm above ground to a tree. Bait is attached ~180-200cm above ground on an adjacent tree (3 to 5 meters away from camera).

Project Images