FL WATCH Project

Finger Lakes Wildlife and Trail Camera Hosts (FL WATCH) was created to provide meaningful undergraduate research projects for students at Finger Lakes Community College and partnering schools both at the K-12 and college level through partnership with citizen scientists throughout the Finger Lakes Region. Permanent monitoring stations are located at FLCC's Muller Field Station and East Hill Campus while additional data is collected from temporary stations on both private and public lands.

The title of the project "Wildlife and Trail Camera Hosts" was chosen to acknowledge the role that landowners and managers play as both hosts to our cameras to collect data and as hosts to the wildlife that inhabits their land. Approximately 60% of the land in the Finger Lakes Region is privately owned. Therefore, private lands play an important role in both the management and assessment of the wildlife in our area.

Project Caveats: Unless a specific sub-project states differently, cameras are not placed randomly in the landscape.

Project Images