Mecklenburg County Project

This project is run by the Mecklenburg County, NC Division of Nature Preserves and Natural Resources. The project focused on surveying short-tailed weasels within the Mecklenburg County Preserve System and on surveying coyotes along an urban-rural gradient around the city of Charlotte, NC.

Where’s Our Weasel:
This study took place from August-November 2014. Three cameras were rotated around 12 sample sites in 9 preserves in Mecklenburg County. Cameras ran at each location for 3 weeks and were then moved to another 3 sites in the preserve for a total of 4 rotations. Site were chosen based on weasel preferred habitat (near water, rocky outcrops).

Charlotte Urban-Wild:
This study will take place from March-December 2015. Cameras will be run for at least 3 weeks at each location, and be set without bait in a stratified random design across a habitat-gradient (Suburban, Exurban, Rural, Wild). We will aim for 50 camera-sites in each habitat type.

Project Images