Mizzou Eastern Spotted Skunk Project

The Mizzou Eastern Spotted Skunk Project seeks to evaluate habitat selection and home range patterns of the eastern spotted skunk (Spilogale putorius) in the Arkansas Ozarks. Using telemetry and camera traps, we will identify home range dynamics and multi-scale habitat selection patterns in northeast Ozark National Forest and Gene Rush Wildlife Management Area, where extensive timber harvest and burn regimes are in place. The camera study is designed to survey multiple locations throughout the study area on several occasions and in all seasons over the course of one year. We established a 1.5km2 grid through the entire study area, then divided the grid into three 25-camera sessions. We are rotating 25 cameras through the sessions every third week beginning in March 2017 and ending in March 2018. We bait sites with canned tuna and skunk scent lure.

Caveats: For our project, no detection distance was measured. We baited sites using canned tuna and skunk scent lure. Cameras remained at sites for two weeks and were collected and redeployed at new sites every third week.

Project Images