Myanmar Protected Area Surveys

A total of 74 cameras were deployed during the dry season of 2018-2019 (Nov. - March) with a goal of creating a basic species inventory and performing occupancy modelling for medium and large mammal species in the Proposed Mahamyaing Wildlife Sanctuary, Sagaing Region, Myanmar. Cameras were deployed systematically according to a 4x4km grid-based survey design. All cameras were required to be placed within 200m of the center of each grid cell, allowing field teams to select micro-sites within a 200m radius that were believed to maximize opportunities to detect target wildlife species (e.g., trails, dry streambeds). All cameras were positioned at a height of between 20-60 cm and perpendicular to the expected direction of travel of wildlife. All surveys were conducted by Friends of Wildlife field teams beginning in 2018.

Project Images