Przewalski’s Horse and Livestock Resource Use in Hustai National Park

Camera trapping project to monitor use of watering holes in a Hustai National Park, Mongolia by Przewalski’s horse, red deer and livestock.

Once extinct in the wild, Przewalski’s horses are now back from the brink of extinction and have been recently been upgraded from “critically endangered” to “endangered” by the IUCN due to reintroduction efforts. NZP/SCBI in collaboration with Minnesota Zoo have provided critical research and capacity building for tracking the movement of released horses important reintroduction sites, i.e. the Kalamaili Nature Reserve in Xinjiang, China and the Hustai Nuruu National Park in Mongolia. At Hustai Nuruu NP we have deployed camera traps for more than two years to monitor natural and artificial watering holes across the park and to better understand the spatial and temporal patterns of resource use by Przewalski’s horse, red deer and the large numbers of livestock that regularly enter the park.

Project Caveats: Location data on gray wolf will be concealed and only available on request.

Project Images