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Introductions are in order
Posted by John Van Niel on November 17, 2017

Let me inroduce myself. I am John Van Niel, Professor of Environmental Conservation at Finger Lakes Community College. At the moment, this Project is a one-man show :). But from these humble beginnings, I expect great things. 

I guess this...

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Posted by SCBI Staff on November 7, 2017

Vist the blog for news and results from the Project. 



Critter Camera Sliver Award Project
Posted by Amelia Howard on October 19, 2017

We desided to do this Critter Camera project for our Silver Award for Girl Scouts. To get started on the Critter Camera project you will need to contact someone from Triangle Land Conservancy. After you do this, you will have to complete an...

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Our Study Design
Posted by Roland Kays on June 8, 2017

Here is a schematic of our study design at the start of our project.

eMammal Animals Inspire "Poems for Your Pocket"
Posted by Stephanie Schuttler on April 26, 2017

In honor of "Poem in Your Pocket Day," students of Lena Deskins' 5th grade class at Sandy Ridge Elementary School took to their pens using eMammal camera trap photos as their muse. Students were inspired by coyotes, deer, squirrels, and turkeys....

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